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Is an information platform designed for students and specialists in the oil and gas industry. Here you can find an up-to-date calendar of events from around the world, pick up a program for graduate and postgraduate studies, and also apply for internships in advanced oil and gas companies.

PetroStage allows you to expand communication opportunities for students, to establish interaction between representatives of companies and universities, as well as to bring events to a new level!

Internship and Practice

Solve global problems in the leading oil and gas companies in the world!

In the "Internship and Practice" section you will be able to participate in the competition for an internship at the leading oil and gas companies in the world! Register and fill out a resume - the best candidates will be recommended for practical training!



Here you will find all current events in the oil and gas sector. Register and participate! 

If you are interested in the oil and gas industry, want to participate in case-championships or maybe you see yourself in science and dream of publishing your work, then you should look into this section! We are sure you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself!


Master Program & Graduate School

Don't stop at what you have achieved, feel free to get a Master's Degree. We will help you with the choice of the direction of the specialty! 

Master's is a part of higher education, its second level. Studying in a masters program is necessary for you to become a highly qualified specialist. And in order that among all the variety of directions, you choose what suits you, we picked up the most relevant directions! 

Master Program Graduate School

Offer an event

Help the site moderators - tell us about interesting events in the oil and gas industry! 

Maybe you know about interesting events that we have not yet managed to find, or maybe you are their organizer? Please help us and the students! Register and offer for consideration an event to be held, if it is really interesting, we will post it!

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